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Market of Iron Ore Mobile Crusher in China

Expected to “Twelve Five” period, China in addition to speeding up the construction of railway construction, but also plans to start the construction of the railway Pu Jian Mei Long, Long Quan railway, Qu Nanjing Railway, the coastal high-speed rail, coastal cargo professionals, Quanzhou show painted harbor railway line, Zhangzhou Ligure harbor rail line, as well as Hangzhou and Guangzhou Canton Railway Longyan Nanping to Yeosu segment segment and other projects, and conduct Quanzhou to Wuhan (Changsha) railway, Nanping to Ningde railway, railway crossing the Strait, Queensland Xiamen railway corridor planning studies and other projects. Set around the base of high speed railway, subway and other related Concentrate Processing Machine Industry is facing broad market demand, pushing Iron Ore Mobile Crusher Evolving industry.

China Iron Ore Mobile Crusher Industry Continues To Grow

January to August, Concentrate Processing Machine Industry industry completed a total industrial output value of 8.955251 trillion yuan, an increase of 35.31%, the growth rate increased 25.61 percent over last year, and its 12 sub-industry production showed a growth momentum. In 12 sub-industries, Iron Ore Mobile Crusher fastest growing industries, followed by a Iron Ore Mobile Crusher Industry, Concentrate Processing Machine Industry, mechanical parts and engine industries. Compared to last year, more than five industry growth rate of more than 35%. According to statistics, in 2015 sales volume of China Iron Ore Mobile Crusher industry will reach 900 billion yuan, an annual average growth rate of about 17 percent, of which exports accounted for about $ 20 billion, a truly first Iron Ore Mobile Crusher a big exporter. In addition to the growth of domestic demand, Iron Ore Mobile Crusher Industry external demand market will continue the current high growth momentum, resulting in the “five” to continue to enlarge. Expected by the second half of the western development plan, other regional revitalization plan and urbanization, high-speed railway, highway, pulling Iron Ore Mobile Crusher and construction of nuclear power investment sales optimistic.

Railway Construction Continues To Grow Concentrate Processing Machine Industry

By the end of 2015, Haixi “three vertical and six horizontal” railway network planning major projects all under construction, railway operating mileage of 5,000 kilometers, which built more than 200 kilometers per hour and about 3000 km high-speed railway, nine municipalities and districts and flat tan comprehensive experimental zone all opened EMU. West Coast Economic Zone construction rising, Fujian railway construction in full acceleration, the railway construction investment scale, long construction period, involving a wide range effectively promote the development of Chinese Iron Ore Mobile Crusher market. Iron Ore Mobile Crusher for engineering construction, water, electricity, roads, mines, ports and defense, variety, such as Iron ore, sand making machine, crushing equipment, machinery, crusher, milling machinery are all involved in the high-speed rail under construction. to increase investment in high-speed railway construction, China will bring wealth Concentrate Processing Machine Industry is another feast.

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